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Rental Midi Excavators in Grande Prairie

Midi excavators or mid-sized excavators are perfect when you want to work at a smaller space but need deeper reach. Midi excavators are more powerful than mini excavators but smaller in size than the regular ones. They can be used at building construction sites and for landscaping projects. Their smaller size gives them increased maneuverability.

Our range of midi excavators includes:

Hyd. Thumb

Aux Hyd

Front push blades

Positive Air

We offer the following attachments:

Dig bucket

Twist wrist bucket

Clean up bucket

Plate tamper


For Cat 308-Post hole auger w/assortment of bit


Our safety equipment and attachment also include:

Cat 308 ECR Series 2

JD 60G

Cat 305.5 E2

JD 35G

We do a thorough inspection of all the rental equipment. You can call us to know more.

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