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8 Safety Tips for Operating Heavy Machinery

8 Safety Tips for Operating Heavy Machinery

One of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring safety on a construction site is the appropriate handling of heavy machinery such as excavators, packers, graders, and crawlers. At Ken-Co Equipment Ltd., we provide construction equipment rentals in Grande Prairie with an emphasis on safe and responsible use.

Here are our top eight safety tips for trained and licensed heavy machinery operators.

1. Always wear a seat belt while operating heavy machinery, even if for just a few minutes. Accidents can happen quickly and, in the case of a hard impact or equipment rollover, a seatbelt could save your life.

2. Proper communication between the operator and the rest of the team is crucial for keeping everyone out of harm's way. Two-way radios provide a fantastic option for quick and clear communication. You should also establish recognizable hand signals ahead of time.

3. Always wear the proper protective gear when on site and operating heavy machinery. This includes hardhats, steel-toe boots, and a visibility vest. Protective equipment will help keep you safe in the event of an accident.

4. Only use equipment for its intended purpose and within its specified load limit. Operating machinery in an unintended manner can cause accidents and mechanical failures. If you're switching between different machinery throughout the day, make sure you are aware of the limits of each piece of equipment.

5. Loading and unloading should only be done on level ground. Make sure to park heavy machinery on level ground as well when you are done. This will reduce the risk of sliding or a rollover that can occur when parked on a slope or uneven ground.

6. Do not start heavy equipment before surveying the jobsite to make sure your path is clear and to take note of all potential obstacles. This includes overhead obstructions such as tree branches and power lines as well as underground utilities, which should all be clearly marked.

7. Use caution when mounting and dismounting heavy machinery. Stepping on and off equipment is one of the leading causes of worksite injuries. Always have at least two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the machine. This is known as the "three-point rule."

8. Always inspect equipment to make sure that everything is in good working order before operating it. Walk around the machine and inspect components such as the stress points, hoses, undercarriage, and oil. Clean the windshield and mirrors if necessary for visibility.

Safe and Reliable Construction Equipment Rentals in Grande Prairie

Even when operated in a safe manner, machinery that has not been well-maintained can still pose a major safety hazard. Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. takes a safety-first approach to providing construction equipment rentals in Grande Prairie. Each piece of heavy construction machinery that we have available for rent, including our compactors and articulated rock trucks, has been cleaned, inspected, and serviced before it is rented out to you.

For construction equipment rentals in Grande Prairie that you can trust, just contact Ken-Co Equipment Ltd today.


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