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6 Most Popular Industrial Equipment Rentals

6 Most Popular Industrial Equipment Rentals

Each construction and excavation project is unique, with a different size and purpose. Nevertheless, there are some types of heavy machinery that you'll commonly see at just about any worksite.

At Ken-Co Equipment Ltd., we provide industrial equipment rentals in Grande Prairie, including excavator rentals. Our focus is on offering versatile and popular equipment necessary for a wide array of industrial projects, including:

1) Excavators

Excavators are an important piece of heavy machinery for all types of construction, demolition, trenching, material handling, forestry, and landscape work. They utilize a boom with a bucket attachment to move large amounts of earth and access hard-to-reach places. A rotating cab allows for a full range of motion as well. Excavator rental in Grande Prairie is easily the most popular type of heavy equipment rental.

2) Crawlers

Moving large quantities of earth and other materials are also made possible with crawlers. These are powerful machines that can be fitted with different types of front-mounted blades, depending on the specific requirements of the worksite. Crawlers run on a track and therefore have a greater weight displacement, which provides greater traction and ground stability.

3) Articulated rock trucks

Articulated rock trucks also make up a good portion of industrial equipment rentals in Grande Prairie. These specialized haulers are used for their ability to transport material over steep and rough terrain. All-wheel drive and superior tracking allow them to tackle slippery conditions, and hydraulic rams allow for sharp turns and quick maneuvers.

4) Graders

Building foundations and roads require either a level base or a specified slope before construction work can begin. Graders are crucial for finishing the grade of a worksite and ensuring a smooth, finished surface for development. Like crawlers, graders can be equipped with various blades depending on the engineering requirements of the project.

5) Compactors

In general, a compactor is any equipment used to compress material to a smaller size. In the construction industry, compactors are a type of machinery used to pack down the soil and make it suitable for development. This is important because loose soil with a lot of air pockets can pose numerous challenges for construction projects.

6) Packers

Like compactors, packers also compress material on the ground. Packers are more commonly used to compact asphalt, gravel, sand, and crushed rock in the construction of roads, parking lots, highways, driveways, and foundations. Some packers use a large, smooth drum while others use a drum with patterned bumps known as a pad foot.

Your Source for Industrial Equipment Rentals in Grande Prairie No matter the scope of your construction project, you can trust Ken-Co Equipment Ltd. for all of your heavy equipment needs. We provide packer, grader, compactor, crawler, articulated rock truck, and excavator rental in Grande Prairie on a daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term basis. All of our equipment is properly serviced, cleaned, and inspected by a certified technician before being rented out.

To find out more about renting industrial equipment from Ken-Co Equipment Ltd., just contact us today.


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